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About Us

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum was developed by Blanca Lawton, Director, and Founder of the Spanish Immersion Program. Her approach to language learning involves a combination of structured lessons with developmentally appropriate Play/Pretend Learning activities. The foundation of our program’s curriculum strongly encourages individuality and expression through imaginative play, exploration, music, dance, art, and culture.

The Spanish Immersion curriculum is divided into the following areas:

  • Conversational Spanish, Practical Spanish & Daily Routines

  • Play/Pretend Learning

  • Hispanic Culture and Traditions.

  • Language Workbooks.

  • Creative Subjects (Art and crafts, music, rhythm, and movement).

Our Story

The Spanish Immersion Program began at the home of Blanca Lawton back in 2004.

Mrs. Lawton foresaw the need for a program for preschool children that incorporates play, music, art, culture, and values through a full Spanish immersion-style language learning process. Very quickly, her program grew, and came the after-school lessons, homeschooling classes, summer camps, and extended care program. The Spanish Immersion Program has since expanded and relocated to a classroom tailor-made for children in the East Sacramento area.

In 2009, Mrs. Lawton successfully landed the creation of a user-friendly didactic Spanish learning kit - LEARNING MADE FUN.


Our Mission

To provide an authentic environment and elements to learn Spanish through creative and fun activities with educational and innovative materials. Our commitment is a complete immersion in the language and an appreciation for other cultures. We believe in helping children to become bilingual with integrity and values.


Our Vision

To be recognized as an exceptional educational institution for language learning in the Greater Sacramento area; by providing quality services that are enriched with all the necessary elements for successful learning and enjoyment of the Spanish language at an early age.


Our Values

To be Respectful, Commitment to teaching, and Uphold Integrity.

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