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Summer 2024 with
The Spanish Immersion Program


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This summer, we are doing our 100% in Spanish spoken class, full-day camp (half-day option available!) that focuses on Practical Living and Manners .

It involves a set of social skills and etiquettes that contribute to positive interactions with others and create a harmonious living environment.

By making the concepts relatable, engaging, and positive, we can help children internalize the principles of practical living and good manners in a way that is both meaningful and enjoyable for them.

Enroll now to secure your spot, we anticipate full classes!

Spanish Summer Camp Ages 3-8 

Gardener's Tools

Week 1: JUNE 3-7
Manners in the Garden
(Buenos Modales en el Jardín)


Learn about nature and gardening while focusing on polite behaviors.

Planting flowers, sharing gardening tools, and saying "gracias."


        Week 2: JUNE 10-14
         Friendship Fiesta
       (Fiesta de amistad) 

Emphasize the importance of kindness and resolving conflicts with friends.

Friendship bracelet making, role-playing scenarios, and sharing activities.

Children's Cooking Class

Week 3: JUNE 17-21
Cooking Fiesta
(Fiesta de Cocina)

Basic kitchen manners and cooking-related Spanish vocabulary.

Simple, no-cook recipes like fruit salads, sandwiches, or smoothies.


WEEK 4: JUNE 24-28
Community Helpers (Ayudantes de la Comunidad)

Explore different community roles while learning about respect and cooperation.

Dress-up and role-play as community helpers, such as doctors, firefighters, or teachers

Children in Yoga Class

Week 5: JULY 1-3

Healthy Habits Safari (Safari de Hábitos Saludables):


Learn about healthy living, including nutrition and exercise, in Spanish.

Indoor activities, yoga, and crafting healthy snack options.

Introduce dining etiquette through role-playing scenarios.

Set up a mini-restaurant, take turns being waiters, and practice polite ordering.

Party Teapot

Creativity is a child’s own special way of expressing ideas, thoughts and feelings. Young children are curious and full of ideas. Once they can move about, they like to explore and do things in different ways.

Week 6: July 8-12
Dramatic Dining

(Cenas de Pretender)

Introduce dining etiquette through role-playing scenarios.

Set up a mini-restaurant, take turns being waiters, and practice polite ordering.

Black Robot

Week 7: JULY 15-19
Space Explorers Academy (Academia de Exploradores del Espacio)

Combine space exploration with lessons on teamwork and collaboration.

Cooperative games and activities that emphasize working together.


Kids with Capes

Week 8: July 22-26
Superhero Social Skills (Habilidades Sociales de Superhéroes):

Learn about teamwork, sharing, and helping others through superhero-themed activities. Superhero crafts, games, and scenarios that involve positive social interactions..

Folkloric Dance

Week 9: JULY 29-3
Fiesta Mexicana! Traditions and stories about manners and kindness around a "fiesta."


Crafts and games related to the rich culture of Mexico and positive behavior. Learn basic Spanish phrases related to Mexican culture.

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