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Summer Adventures with
The Spanish Immersion Program

Until next Summer 2024!
Join us for our Saturday workshops


Spanish Summer Camp Ages 3-7

Week 1: MAY 28-JUNE 1
No Class May 27


Self-esteem is about who you are as a person and how you feel about yourself.


        Week 2: JUNE 4-8           

Young children are beginning to learn about feelings and how to get on with other people before they are able to do this very well.


Week 3: JUNE 11-15

Children need to learn that being different is okay – we are all different in one way or another.


WEEK 4: JUNE 18-22

Young children are naturally active and they learn through their bodies long before they can talk.


Week 5: JUNE 25-29

Communication is one of the most important parts of our daily life. It means understanding what we see, hear and read, and being able to give messages to others in ways they can understand.


Week 6: July 2-6
no class July4


Creativity is a child’s own special way of expressing ideas, thoughts and feelings. Young children are curious and full of ideas. Once they can move about, they like to explore and do things in different ways.


Week 7: JULY 9-13

Thinking involves looking and listening, questioning, trying things out and making decisions. Children need time to be able to try things over and over until they can work things out.


Week 8: July 16-20

Children enjoy playing in and exploring the natural world – backyard, park and beach. At the same time, they are learning about the built-up world around them – roads, houses, shops and schools.


Week 9: JULY 23-27

Technology is all around us and helps to make life easier. it could also be distracting from learning. Let's practice how to use technology wisely.

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