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What Our Parents Say About Us

Sabrina Araiza-Atkinson

& Brian Atkinson

The Spanish Immersion Program has been a vital asset to our daughter’s education. Through song, art, music, and play she has been able to quire the Spanish Language. The varying curriculum and hands-on environment allow the students to be engaged, excited and intrigued. Maestra Blanca’s exceptional teaching methods create a positive well-rounded atmosphere for all children to learn. Along with language development, Kaya is learning social maturity. We are continually amazed at Kaya’s progress and Ms. Blanca’s dedication to the Children.

Gina Krapf

The SIP was wonderful for our daughter! We returned to Sacramento after being in Mexico for 2 years and Maestra Blanca was kind enough to enroll out 3-year -old daughter in classes immediately, which helped retain and improve her Spanish speaking abilities! We appreciated all that Blanca and Elsa did for us and the care they gave our daughter. I was able to sit in classes and see how the children were taught and I was impressed. I was very happy that the program was truly an immersion program and the children were able to understand and adapt to speaking Spanish very quickly. Her program was well thought out for learning Spanish and it kept the children engaged and having fun! Now that we have once again returned to Mexico, our daughter immediately adjusted to her Spanish only speaking school as if she never left Mexico! Thank you for being so kind to us, our daughter loved your program a still asks about Maestras Blanca y Elsa! Gracias a todos! 

Creed Larrucea

The Spanish Immersion Program with Blanca has been an invaluable experience for my children. I have a four-year old who is in her second year and a two-year old in her first year. Both of them love “Maestra Blanca” and can’t wait to go to school. We are trying to raise out children bilingual and both of them instantly went from saying just select words in Spanish to speaking complete sentences in Spanish. I have had the opportunity to sit in on several classes and Blanca is wonderful. She is able to get all the children, regardless of their exposure to the Spanish language, to speak Spanish. All studies I looked at said immersion, especially early immersion, is the only way for your children to learn a second (or third) language. If you are trying to raise your kid bilingual. I recommend Blanca and The Spanish Immersion Program.

Lilia Young

We have been extremely happy with The Spanish Immersion Program (TSIP). Ms. Blanca has done an extraordinary work, and has played a special role in our daughter’s first year of preschool by providing a friendly and caring environment that makes her excited about going to school. Ms. Blanca has truly shown dedication to the children. We are thankful to have found TSIP and will always receive our highest recommendations.

Glenn Stober

A lot of information was covered in a short period of time. Good Focus on typical, every day words and phrases. Subsequent sessions were structured in response to pupil interest and feedback (i.e. emphasis on learning sentence structure), teaching exercises were made more meaningful by asking follow-up questions in Spanish… This is a good learning device, the written exercises given as homework were a big help.

Christine Bosley

Blanca’s teaching techniques are fun and educational. During class, we sign Spanish songs and participate in hands-on play and art activities. Blanca engages the children in crafts and pretends play, teaching Spanish vocabulary and phrases throughout. She is skilled at keeping distractible toddlers and young children on takes and at transitioning them to a new task always in a friendly manner. We are lucky to have found such a qualified and capable teacher.

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